Friday Night

Friday Night

The kids are asleep in bed. Sam is asleep on the sofa and has been for the last two hours. Audrey fell asleep after I read her three stories, Arthur fell asleep after I fed him and then Sam fell asleep after we had a stupid argument about whether or not to watch 24. We got all huffy with each other and then Sam started reading a book. Ten minutes later he was asleep. 

It is all going on in this house.

I remember once when I was in my early twenties and lived in London with three other girls and we were all sitting around in our pyjamas at 9:00 one Friday night. Then we all just decided to get ready and go out for the night in town. An hour later and we were all dressed up and went for drinks and then on to a club (fez club in Putney ha ha!). 

Wow! And then you could just get up the next day at like 11:30am (!!!!) drink several cups of tea, eat breakfast watch E4 and go back to sleep. 

What a life.

My plans for the weekend are to clean up my house, tackle the dreaded pile of clothes, put a load of stuff on eBay for the tent fund and maybe make a start on the garden. 

We have been watching quite a lot of 24 and the other night I had a dream in which I joined the W.I. and Jack Bauer was there judging a cake competition. It was a good dream. Jack Bauer chose a simple Victoria sponge as the winning cake but looked really really stressed out about it and kept having to take calls from the president.