Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

4:28 listening to Arthur’s plinky plonky sleepy music machine and hoping he falls back to sleep.

God, I just really wish I had not eaten so much pizza last night.

I feel like the slices of pizza are slotting back together inside me and forming into a kind of anthropomorphic pizza. A Frankenstein pizza. A pizzastein? A Frankzza?

IMG_3995Maybe something like this?

IMG_3996Or this?

Not sure which is more terrifying. Anyway, thankfully have fairly recently been pregnant so I do have a pint size bottle of Gaviscon downstairs somewhere.

06:25 Feeding the baby agaaaain

Pizza monster seems to have died down or is at least at rest. Or perhaps baby is draining him out in liquid form.

It is at times like this when I do wonder if bottle feeding would have been easier. My decision to breast feed this time around is more to do with making my life easier than with health benefits. That might seem hard to believe but first time around I was desperate to succeed with breastfeeding and struggled so much to get the hang of it. I was absolutely determined not to use bottles but then, after seeing that the babies of many of my friends were just fine on formula and did not grow any extra heads or anything I have been much more relaxed about it this time round.

The thing is though, ultimately breastfeeding means an excuse to not do the washing up rather than increasing the volume of washing up. Also, it uses up as many calories in a day as cycling up hill for an hour and lets face it, I am not going to be cycling up any hills at the moment. My decision to breastfeed this time is essentially lazy. One of my grandmothers told me that she used to look forward to breastfeeding as it meant she could have a nice sit down with a drink and a cigarette. Oh the good old days!

7:06 Eating toast and watching the incompetent postman with Audrey. Arthur batting things on his mat.

Well, I have basically spent the last few hours (while the rest of the world has been asleep) feeding and dealing with poos from my children. It is a glamorous life. Thank God for coffee and CBeebies.

09:11 Building stuff out of blocks with the big kid. The baby has finally gone to bloody sleep.

Check out my new favourite mug (until Audrey can read)