Things I have been eating

Things I have been eating

Still in Cornwall. Have managed to find and consume another item from the Cornish checklist.

Crab Sandwich. Tick!

Also ate Moules Frites for lunch. The sandwich was better to be honest as I didn’t get to eat the mussels until they were luke warm due to dealing with child toilet trip. Obviously I did not eat both Moules Frites and a crab sandwich for lunch. Sam and I shared lunches and Audrey ate quite a few of my mussels. I don’t know why I am trying to justify what I eat to the Internet. Long and short of it is, I have basically been stuffing my face.

I have really eaten so much food this holiday. I am definitely going on some kind of diet when I get home.



IMG_3827Thinking about adding fudge to the Cornish food checklist.

Definitely going on a diet when I get home.