Valentines Day

Valentines Day

We are on holiday in Cornwall. So far we have had to deal with a lot of poo in places where it should not be (from our children) and poor Audrey has not been very well. I am a bit stressed out because although Audrey is not in-bed-with-high-temp ill and is still wanting to play and do things, I am in a constant state of vomit alert, often checking for the nearest carrier bag or waste paper bin just in case.

I really hope she is back to her usual self soon. We also forgot her inhaler which is totally stupid and have been borrowing our nephews which we really cannot keep doing. Need to get to a doctors if she keeps wheezing really. Poor little Audrey.

Probably because I am a terrible mother, I do find myself at times like these, when she is not full blown ill, swinging between feelings of overwhelming love and compassion and horrible irritation with both of my kids. Really I should be totally compassionate and understanding and there is no excuse not to be but several times I have snapped at her or just really really wished for a few hours to totally relax in any twenty four hour period without dealing with any poo on clothing, nappy explosions (never realised before becoming a mum that a bad nappy could be quite this bad, as if whole back, bum and thighs of infant have been dipped into a chicken korma) or without anyone crying or shouting ‘Mummy do iiiit!!’ at Sam.

Tomorrow I am definitely going to be more compassionate and try to not respond to whinging, whining, crying and poo disasters by getting totally stressed out, snapping at my husband and shoving jelly snakes and popcorn into my mouth at any opportunity. Otherwise my children will grow up resenting me and I will get even fatter and more naggy every day.


Oh, have consumed one item from my Cornish checklist.

Cornish Pasty. Tick!

Oh and to celebrate Valentine’s Day here are some romantic pictures of things me and my wonderful husband Sam have been up to.