Family Holiday

Family Holiday

3:03am Feeding Baby.

In a couple of hours we are heading off to Cornwall. Yes, that’s right, Cornwall. We will be on the road for six or seven hours if we don’t hit bad traffic.

This is Arthur’s first trip down to Cornwall.

This is only the fourth time I have driven on the motorway.

I wonder if this time I will complete my Cornish checklist. Here is my list, it’s all about food obviously,

Cornish pasty
Cornish ice cream
Fish and chips
Crab sandwich
Cream tea

God, all of that sounds so disgusting at this time in the morning. Plan is to leave the house at 5:30. Sam packed the car last night so we will just get up, have showers and go and hopefully not get too stressed out.

10:21 On the M3 just after fleet services.

So, we overslept, finally got on the road about 7 which meant that my rather nervy turn to drive on the motorways was a bit stressful. Although when the dreaded call of,

‘Mummy! I think I’m gonna be sick!’ came from the back seat (poor Audrey) I was quite relieved to be the one driving rather than the one desperately fumbling around for some kind of vomit receptacle and wipes.

Why is it that the things you find you need the most on a car journey are always in the boot? Or at home in the cupboard under the sink?

Anyway, Audrey and Sam did very well at catching all the puke in a bag. Afterwards it was rather entertaining watching Sam carefully holding a carrier bag, partially full of child vomit, suspended over his lap, all the way to the services.

When both your children are crying, your husband is holding a bag full of puke and you are crawling along in a traffic jam 10 minutes away from the services, that is when you know that you are on a family holiday.

However, joke will be on me if the puking continues. She has now had a Mc Donald’s breakfast and a bottle full of orange juice.

We have ended up putting Audrey in the front next to Sam to help prevent more travel sickness. That plan is that if the dreaded moment comes I will reach into the front to deal with the pukes. I have armed myself with several Mc Donald’s paper bags and Waitrose carrier bags (for the more discerning vomiter) but let’s hope I don’t need to use them.

Please God.