I want to melt my buggy board

I want to melt my buggy board

06:18 Baby has been up, fed changed, put back to bed. Big kid due to wake up any minute.

I used to go back to sleep at this point when I just had Audrey and was feeding her through the night but now I face a conundrum; either sleep for an extra half hour then wake up and rush around desperately trying to get ready in time for the preschool drop which means have a thirty second shower while Audrey watches Octonauts and Arthur kicks around on the bathroom floor or I get up and washed and dressed now and have less sleep but ultimately have a less stressful morning.



IMG_3686Well, in the end Audrey stumbled into the bedroom and Arthur woke up. Ended up having a shower whilst Audrey had her wash at the sink and demanded that I sing songs from ‘Oliver!’

It is strange the things you find yourself doing as a mother. Simultaneously using the shower curtain to play peepo with your baby as he kicks on the floor whilst washing your face and singing, ‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two,’ for the entertainment of your three year old is a great example of this.

11:44 Quick feed for baby before preschool pick up.

Baby has fallen asleep on my lap. He has gone all soft and warm.

IMG_3719 Any minute now I really need to pop him in the pram but holding a baby while they sleep is just the absolute best.

I really am definitely going to go to bed at 9:00 tonight. Sleep looks so great.

22:30 Really should be in bed by now.

Went to the village baby and toddler group this morning. It was really nice to have a chat with some other adults and have someone make me a cup of tea. Swapped some of Audrey’s old clothes for some new bits for Arthur.

My Mum came over in the afternoon and helped me try and get to grips with the buggy board. Oh God the buggy board. I would really really enjoy taking it into the garden and smashing it to pieces with a hammer. In fact, I would enjoy that so much that I am wondering if it would be worth sacrificing the £30 I would get for it on eBay. Once I had smashed it into fragments I would then like to stamp on those fragments for a bit. Then, I would like to throw all the little bits up into the air and use a flame thrower to melt them all before they reach the ground.

I hate buggy boards.

I also hate strollers, pushchairs and anything practical which does not consider in its design that some people are tall and already have bad backs from stooping before they have to stoop over a buggy, let alone one with a buggy board attached to the back which shortens the length of your stride so much that you are basically shuffling and hunched over like Mrs Doyle delivering a cup of tea.

IMG_3728Here is my Mum putting a brave face on it but unfortunately my buggy board is basically unusable. I really do not want to shuffle. I want to walk. I will add it to the list of stuff I am selling on eBay to raise money for our tent.

This is the tent.


IMG_3732 We are saving up for a massive canvas wigwamish bell tent. I am quite excited about it. Just found these googling the tent model I want to get but look, look at this promotional image of the tent that came up,

IMG_3733Who are these people and what kind of holiday are they on?

I don’t think they’re related?

Why are they all lying down together?

Anyway, I am v tired.