8:15 am pre-preschool run feed.

Actually managed to get up in time to wash my hair this morning. Obviously will not have time to dry it or put any make up on so will be doing preschool run looking like I have just taken the ice bucket challenge.

They say you should not go out with wet hair in winter in case it freezes. I am not sure who they are or whether or not that has ever happened to anyone in this country who was not climbing up a mountain. I mean, if I were to be going mountain climbing, that is an occasion when I would deffo blow dry my hair first.

Audrey is insisting on sitting in her old bumbo chair to watch TV

Obviously it would be best if instead of watching Mike the Knight with Audrey whilst breastfeeding Arthur I had planned out a quiet activity we could do together while he silently and peacefully had his milk. Audrey would be happily playing an educational game with me or we would read a book together or sing songs while I fed him. Perhaps occasionally she would stroke his head and after he was done (because in this imaginary situation he would just get on with the feed in a very business like manner and not keep latching off to look at Audrey while milk sprays into his ear) he would gurgle and smile at us and we would all have a lovely cuddle. I would then say,

‘Come on then my little darlings. It’s time to get ready for preschool,’ and they would most happily have their cardigans and coats put on. In fact, we might all sing a song together about putting our coats and cardigans and shoes on.

Crap. Actually had better put this baby in the pram and get going.

10:08 Back after preschool run and Arthur is napping in his cot.

Look, I have tried to do more constructive things whilst breastfeeding and I do feed while we are playing in the afternoons although there is something very odd about pretending to be a pirate while a baby is attached to your boob,

‘Ang on there me ol’ laaaand lubber!! I just be needin to switch breaaasts and burp this scurvy daaaaag!! ‘Ave you seen thaaat cursed breast paaaad anywhere? ‘As it floated awaaay, out onto the treaacherous seas?’

But after many ‘hi fives’ to the back of Arthur’s head and many tantrums because I won’t let Audrey climb on me or sit on my lap while I am feeding it is sometimes just better to put CBeebies on and just get it done.

I use tv to occupy my child. I am so very very grateful for the existence of CBeebies, Frozen, Tangled and the Toy Story films.

I try to moderate its use and stick to a short burst of cbeebies before we leave the house in the morning and some telly or a DVD while I am making dinner. I could probably do a bit better as a mum and fill this time with constructive activities. I applaud those parents that do.

Sometimes we don’t have the telly on at all. Sometimes Audrey will happily entertain herself in the hour before dinner by dancing around the kitchen to the Frozen soundtrack, well, actually just to the dreaded ‘let it go’ song on repeat while Arthur looks on from his bouncy chair with a rather horrified expression. Sometimes, particularly if someone is ill, or I am especially sleep deprived we probably watch a bit too much of it.

Summer is a different story. In the summer Audrey is quite happy to play with the sprinkler, the paddling pool, the hose, stones, a trowel, containers full of water etc for hours at a time. Then there is the beach which we are very lucky to live so close to and various parks and picnic places and the outdoor pools. In summer you can basically entertain your child for hours and days at a time and only spend money on ice cream and sunblock.

Ahhh! The summer. Do you remember summer?.

But it is not summer. It is deepest darkest February and I am bloody well going to put the telly on