Lounging around

Lounging around

18:00 Sunday: telly and cheese on toast time.

On Sunday evenings we let Audrey have tea on her lap in front of the telly as a bit of a treat. Her all time favourite tea is cheese on toast. It really says something about the quality of my dinners that her favourite thing to eat is cheese on toast.

Audrey is eating her cheese on toast and watching Monsters University and Arthur is kicking around and batting toys on his play mat.

Today we have really not done too much and it feels good.

IMG_3639Oh, I did get really sick and injure my foot and eye but after treatment from a trained professional I recovered remarkably quickly.

Audrey and Sam often look at YouTube videos of cats doing funny things on the weekend. It is just something they do. This week they tried to get Arthur to join in. He mainly looked shocked at the various cat noises.

We got up slowly and hung around in our pjs until about 10am, got a few bits for the baby that we had stored in Sam’s parents loft, played around at home and popped round to my Mum’s for a cup of tea, experimenting with new methods of baby transport on the way.


I have managed to actually get some cleaning done (minimal) but have in no way done anything about the piles of clothes that need ironing and putting away in respective wardrobes, drawers etc.

Clothes are always on the move in this house. The kids are growing out of theirs, Sam is shrinking out of his (diet) and I am steadily trying to make my way out of maternity stuff and into things that have elasticated waists and are baggy enough to feed from. There are bags going into cupboards to keep in case we have a number three, bags of girls clothes to swap for baby boy clothes, bags we have dug out of storage to see if any baby clothes will do for Arthur and a couple of bags of things under the bed that I either hope to slim into or cannot wear whilst breastfeeding.

There are a lot of bags of clothes.

19:06 Big kid is in bed but not asleep and I am feeding the baby to sleep which is something my health visitor expressly told me not to do.

Big kids bedtime was not too stressful. Before we went up for her wash there was a rather dramatic stand off to do with a bowl full of orange segments that she had flung across the sofa in anger which I think used up most of her fight.

Essentially I told her that unless she cleaned up the mess she would not have any stories. After a lot of writhing around on the floor and howling she eventually shoved the bits of orange back into the bowl and stomped up to the bathroom for her wash.

Tantrums are tough. I really have no idea whether I handle them well or whether I am psychologically damaging her for life. I basically aim to not give in to her screaming or resort to screaming myself. I do not always succeed.

20:19 Both kids are asleep in bed. We have had a coffee and have haphazardly shoved toys into boxes or at least into the corners of the room.

Sam is trying to make me watch ‘Fortitude,’ a rather serious looking drama with some quality actors in it. The trouble is, by this point in the day, I only have enough mental and emotional energy to watch stuff that is either funny or reasonably trashy. Basically, if Michael Gambon is in it and it’s not Harry Potter, I probably cannot handle it. Programmes with stretches of silence just make me want to sleep, as do glasses of wine. I am a real party animal.

God, Michael Gambon has an incredible voice. Imagine if Michael Gambon read you a bedtime story every night. That would be awesome.

Mmmmm bedtime.