Audrey’s Salon

Audrey’s Salon

12:50 on the way to lunch with friends in London. We were due there at 12:30. Crawling along in traffic.

For most of the journey Audrey has been using one of her games on my phone to restyle her fellow passengers.

This is my Sinead o’connor look.


This was the cut and style Audrey choose for Sam.


I have to say that the bowler hat is a real win. Here’s her favourite style for me.

Quite something eh?

She has just about finished a major screaming crying session because she couldn’t get her headphones on quite right and is now sniffing every couple of seconds and listening to the frozen soundtrack. She is very pleased with her headphones. They are purple and pink and have her name on spelt backwards with stickers. ‘


Right now Sam is trying to sing ‘love is an open door’ with her despite not being able to hear the music.

It doesn’t go well and before long Audrey is crying and shouting that he is doing it wrong. I find the cd and we all listen to it together. Audrey loses interest almost instantly and starts repeatedly opening and closing the cup holder on her car seat. Sam sings every single word with a startling amount of passion. He takes command of the controls and puts ‘For the first time in forever,’ on instead.

The baby wakes up and begins grunting and trying to free himself from his car seat with pelvic thrusts.

‘For the first time in forever
There’ll be music there’ll be light’

I txt my friend to say we’ll be late.

‘For the first tiiiime in foreverrrrrr
I’ll be dancing through the niiiight.’



‘I’m huuuungry.’

‘We’ll be there in a minute’



‘I’m thirsty.’

‘You can probably have a drink when we get there too.’

Audrey uses my phone to take pictures of more stuff to play hair salon with. She starts sniggering and saying that Arthur looks grumpy. I turn around and she is taking a picture of him with my phone. She is right, he really does not look happy.